CA SB577 and The Divine Energy

William “Mo” Lohaus is a California health care service provider of complementary and alternative health care practices and makes the following disclosures pursuant to Sections 2053-5 and 2053.6 of the California Business and Professions Code as enacted into law by SB577 and approved by the Governor on September 23, 2002:

I am not a licensed physician and do not diagnose illness, disease, or mental disorders, nor do I prescribe treatment or pharmaceuticals.

The services provided here are alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the State of California.

The Divine Energy, activating emotional integration, and the other services provided by Mo Lohaus are not licensed by the State of California.

The Divine Energy (Die Göttliche Kraft) identified and transmitted by Bruno Gröning (1906 – 1959), is also known as the “healing current” or “healing stream” (Heilstrom) or “life current” or “life stream” (Lebenstrom). It has been used therapeutically for over 70 years, and is accessed daily through “tuning in’ (Einstellen) by thousands of practitioners worldwide. Healing reports related to its absorption are stored at the headquarters of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends in Germany, under the care of its Medical Scientific Group.

Gröning’s teachings instruct practitioners in absorbing this energy directly and using it for the benefit of oneself, friends, family and acquaintances. They provide for introduction into the teachings, and offer simple, practical guidelines for connecting with and using this energy that helps and heals.

Mo Lohaus has been practicing the teachings of Bruno Gröning since 2010, and transmitting The Divine Energy to clients since 2012. His previous professional trainings in Polarity Therapy (1996), Zen Shiatsu (1996) and Neo-Reichian Massage (1995), and professional practice of these modalities through February 2019, familiarized him with the systemic distribution of healing energy to the body through the poles, zones, meridians and flow patterns described by these systems.

Mo Lohaus has a minimum of 500 hours of training in transmitting The Divine Energy and related techniques. Copies of certificates are posted in his treatment room for your review. He welcomes questions about his background, education and experience in the interplay of energy, consciousness and healing.

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