This is a metaphysical therapy service: I help you perceive energy directly, build emotional integrity, navigate events successfully, and skillfully befriend yourself.

Emotion is energy in motion. We sense it, radiate it, motivate and navigate with it. It tells us what to do and how to be. Perceiving energy directly activates emotional integrity; it helps us sort our emotions from others’, and use our own inner signals to navigate life successfully.

I help you center on your own experience, and value it.

Many of us unconsciously prioritize making others feel happy or comfortable. Pleasing them may help us feel safe or wanted, but can block us from noticing our own feelings and the guidance they contain. Perceiving energy directly makes emotion as noticeable as light or sound. It helps us root in our own experience, escape from others’ agendas, and prioritize and fulfill our own well-being.

I help you claim your ability to have experiences that serve you.

By expressing preferences and naming layers of emotions, you will claim the intelligence they contain. You will notice what feels good to you and is good for you, and choose it.

We each have the option of loving our lives. I help you claim that here.