The Divine Energy is a natural force that creates order and health. I offer it therapeutically through three styles of treatments that involve feeling energy directly. It is emotional therapy that upgrades how you perceive yourself and what you believe is possible for you.

Emotion is energy in motion. We sense it, radiate it, motivate and navigate with it. Emotion tells us what to do and how to be. Sensing energy directly activates emotional integrity. It refines your knowing of what feels good to you and is good for you. It orients you to your own experience, quiets the noise of others’ feelings and needs, and helps you realize and act on what brings you happiness.

This therapy trains you to be more kind and sensitive to yourself. You are guided through a process that helps you notice and communicate your preferences. Feeling understood, accepted and appreciated strengthens your comfort and confidence in valuing and expressing yourself.

The assumption here is that you are divine and should be treated caringly and supportively. The assumption here is that your body is wise and should be made comfortable in the ways it wants. The assumption here is that your thoughts and feelings matter and that your unique imaginative way of regarding your experience should be honored and celebrated.

Everything we do together recognizes you as the expert on what is good and right for you. This therapy exists to help you claim that knowledge as power. Feel welcome.

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