In learning to be healthy and harmonize my life, I have done thousands of hours of Yoga, Chi Gung, meditation, Taoist and Toltec practice, and followed the teachings of a modern German saint, Bruno Groening. The Toltecs, my primary teachers, are the native metaphysicians of Central America; the cultural descendants of the Mayans.

The Mayan term for God is “the one giver of movement and measure.” The Toltecs call this force “Intent” and say that it is constantly radiating commands. If we are responsive enough to its commands, it becomes responsive to our commands. If we learn to speak its language and listen to it, it will have conversations with us, joke around with us, protect us, guide us, bless us, help us and heal us.

This is not morality, it is conscious physics; fine tuning a connecting link with the central power in the universe that broadcasts and receives. Toltec teachings help one recognize, respond to and relate with this power; they can be tested and validated.

European and Middle Eastern religions identify this power, but do not  give methodical instructions on how to us it. The best-known European metaphysician of the 20th century, Bruno Groening, did understand how the power works, and gave simple, practical instructions on how to participate in a relationship with it.

Groening described himself as a transmitter or relay station for the divine energy. Thousands experienced healing in his presence, often of incurable diseases. He always maintained that he did not heal anyone; God healed.

He repeatedly stated that God is Nature and Nature is God. The force he tuned to and conducted, and taught others to tune to and conduct, was a natural force available to all of us; that helps and heals us as we connect with, accept and relate with it.

It is on all the time and available to all of us. It is up to us to connect with and absorb it. I will help you do that, and learn to do it yourself. I will also help you feel divine, and worthy of receiving the help and healing you need.

I have validated what Groening taught; that a twice-daily tuning-in and a meeting with other practitioners every three weeks are all it takes to maintain a body-battery fully charged with the divine energy. Free in-person and on-line meetings are now available worldwide to any who choose to use Groening’s techniques.

Whether you choose to pursue this process with me or through other channels, I am happy to share my experiences with you.