Since 1995 I have done Chi Gung and practiced forms of bodywork that use the chi (life energy) therapeutically. Since 2010 I have received and transmitted “the divine energy” — a specific current identified and used by Bruno Groening, that activates healing and growth. I connect you with this energy, and help you use it to your benefit.

I can conduct the divine energy to you with or without touching you. No-touch options, touch options, and session lengths are on the intake form. There you will also identify three things: What feelings do you intend to let go of today? What feelings do you intend to learn or grow into? What feelings do you intend to receive or experience? Stating your intentions sets the process in motion.

You fill out the intake form. I call you and we discuss it. We schedule a time and set a rate. We meet at my office, your home, or some other comfortable place. After a short discussion, you lay down and I work with your energy, inviting the experience you have requested. Afterwards we discuss our experience, clear anything we need to, complete payment, reschedule and part.