For your understanding of ways I can work, I mention the follow generic types of treatment that are familiar to people:

Reiki is the transmission of energy, hands-off using biomagnetism, or hands-on using light touch. It is usually received clothed. If it is received hands-on, there may be some holding, traction or rocking. The idea is to build energetic containment and cohesion; strengthening your field and encouraging healthy internal flow; while also instigating healthy and harmonious motion. Reiki reorients consciousness from the story of the five senses and activates the direct perception of energy through the chakras.

Shiatsu is the transmission of energy, hands-on, through acupuncture meridians. In North America it is usually received clothed, but without shoes; in Asia it is received mostly unclothed. There may be holding, pressing, stretching, or rocking. The idea is to balance and build Yin and Yang, substance and energy, through a process of pushing and pulling. Shiatsu reorients consciousness from the story of the five senses and activates the direct perception of energy through the meridians.

Massage is the transmission of energy, hands-on-skin. The warmth of the hands makes the fascia, the connective tissue that transmits emotion, more flexible and conductive. The fascia surrounds and connects both our shallow and deep tissues, giving emotional tone and cohesion to who we feel we are. Slow, deep massage brings awareness to deep structure, deep tension and deep feelings. Building association with deep experience loosens attachment to superficial ideas and stories of identity. It shifts cohesion to and reinforces it in a feeling-identified position; a pleasurable and self-accepting one.

Please put aside any social or cultural assumptions about reiki, shiatsu or massage:

Force is minimal here. Pressure is always comfortable, not cathartic. This is a relaxing, good-feeling and calming interaction. There is no enduring here; the process is centered on becoming more relaxed and comfortable by becoming more sensitive and letting sensation-consciousness release tension. The work here honors your emotional experience at all times.

If you prefer forceful structural work that is emotionally disconnected I am the wrong therapist for you. It does not happen here.

If you are willing to have structural symptoms addressed as a side-effect of emotional integration and increasing sensation-consciousness I might be perfect. I have brought hundreds of people to extremely relaxed states where pain and misalignment have simply vanished.

This is emotionally-centered work. Emotions tell us what feels good to us and is good for us. I respect that religiously: I make sure what I am doing feels good to you at all times, and is good for me to offer.

I will not injure my body because you like hard pressure. I will not injure your spirit by using pressure that creates a physical bypass of emotional process. When dealing with energy, force is unnecessary. Alignment delivers power intelligently.

Physical intensity and emotional readiness are kept close and connected here. The goal of this therapy is to sensitize ourselves to what feels only good; physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. The process of delivering therapeutic experience is congruent. The process is the product.

Your comfort is important. Your positive experience matters. You do not have to force anything either:

If you choose to receive any of these treatments unclothed or partially unclothed, please do it in a way that honors your vulnerability. If being naked makes you tense or nervous, wear clothes.

My comfort is also key. Tight garments are hard to work with and can be painful or even hurtful; tight nylon has cut me before, and snapped clients painfully. If you wear underwear or a bra please make sure it is very loose, soft and can get oily.


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