The treatment model centers on consciousness. Consciousness has fluidity and cohesion; these qualities guide our work. Being sensitive to ourselves and each other builds a safe relationship where consciousness feels nurtured, and is comfortable both flowing and focusing; growing and being present.

Balancing physical, emotional, mental and social elements is important. Consciousness is shy, careful and vulnerable. It will only allow itself to change if it feels truly understood and supported.

Filling out a session worksheet and discussing it before the treatment are part of the process of making consciousness safe. We may discuss it for an hour or longer to build trust and insight. Understanding your needs, goals, boundaries and intentions will help us determine what treatment to begin with. Understanding how I work and how to communicate with me will help you participate productively.

If you have been uncomfortably permeable to others’ feelings and wills, I will focus first on reinforcing your cohesion, your self-connection. We will work on building better boundaries for you, and helping you notice and speak about your experience; building your ability to value your experience and make choices that keep you in well-being.

If you have been stuck imagining yourself and your life in limited ways, building your fluidity to unlock better options will also be included. Taking up more emotional space or having your positive experience be the focus of an interaction may be something you feel ready to explore; something that opens you to valuing your yourself and your life more deeply and expressing that value in positive action.

Building an emotionally secure relationship where we communicate accurately, productively and consistently is my first priority. Connecting through touch can shift us into states where our regular rational defenses are relaxed, and emotional navigation is emphasized.

Used constructively, these shifts can help us understand when rational defenses can be safely relaxed and emotional navigation emphasized. They can also help us rewire emotionally so that we feel comfortable and confident in a broader range of interactions and experiences.

The key is “safely” — and an emphasis here is on being slow and sensitive enough, to ourselves and each other, to wisely choose the degree of connection we are ready for. Another emphasis is on telling each other details of the experience that bring hidden assumptions and motivations to light. Learning to understand and care for each other usually requires vulnerable disclosures.

Many of us have long-term touch-hunger that we feel ready to address. Many of us want to get out of our thoughts and into our feelings safely and enjoyably. That happens here. It happens here interwoven with consciousness, so that you both feel good in this experience and after this experience, and have better awareness of what it takes to feel good, comfortable, confident and conscious in other experiences: being authentic and witnessed.

This is a place to build emotional depth, authenticity, connection and expressiveness at a balanced place. It is a place where you are honored as a being as well as a body, and thus absorb the loving energy moving through you as nourishment; a simple and natural part of life.

Touching hundreds of people has opened my heart, so that I am transparent to the beauty in everyone. Love naturally flows through me now, and I am amazingly good at making bodies smile. I can give you very loving and caring experiences, if we build a safe and honest friendship where that can comfortably happen.

Many of us are starved for kind, affectionate touch. Few of us have good boundaries. Few of us reliably align with what feels good to us and is good for us. Correcting this is some of the great work of this age, and we work on it here.

We work on it, and work from it, towards being in the world in the fullness of our aliveness and love of living. Feeling comfortable in our honesty and the simplicity of our feelings prepares us to handle greater charge and wider experience both gracefully and gratefully. With consciousness, anything is possible.