Feel Good

and do what is good for you

The Divine Energy is a current you can feel, tune to, and absorb, that guides and charges you. It was transmitted by German mystic Bruno Gröning in the 1950s. In his presence, thousands of people spontaneously healed of long-term illness. Many more developed an awareness of energy that reoriented them to knowing and doing what was best for themselves.

Bruno Gröning

This service sets you on that path. I help you feel the energy, tune to it, and use it yourself. There is no belief necessary, just direct experience. Noticing energy moving through you reactivates your emotional intelligence.

Emotion is energy in motion. We sense it, radiate it, motive it and navigate with it. Emotion tells us what to do and how to be. What feels good to us is good for us. Having experiences of pure goodness resets knowing what is best for us, and how to do it.

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I have worked with hundreds of people. Some of their reviews are here. I offer spiritual and personal support through sacred friendships where you can grow comfortable and confident conducting this wonderful force, doing what is good for you, and feeling divine.